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Good Hope Baptist Church

Preaching the Gospel since 1830

A Message from our Pastor

Dear Friend,


We live in the days of unprecedented spiritual

attacks, which challenge the people of God;

Good Hope Baptist Church is here to help you.

We want to provide a safe haven and

strengthening ministry for you and your family

that you may live the Victorious Christian life.

Good Hope Baptist Church is a friendly church 

that has been Preaching the Gospel Since 1830,

(the good news of Jesus Christ). On April 4, 2004, God called me to pastor Good Hope Baptist Church and I accepted that call with excitement. This is a great community to raise a family and serve the Lord. My wife, Kim, and I count it a great privilege to have been able to do just that. Our children all live in this community and are all very active here at Good Hope. We look forward to many years of living and ministering in this great community of family and friends.


We use the Bible as our only guide of how to live and serve God. We believe that if a person is to grow and prosper in the Christian life, that person must be established upon the promises of the Word of God.


We have a genuine desire to grow families and help raise children for the Lord through Youth Groups, Youth Activities, Children’s Church, Bible Club and the Bus Ministry.


We also desire to reach the world with the gospel of Christ through outreach ministries in the community and an aggressive Missions Program with Missionaries throughout the world.


As the ministry of Good Hope continues to grow and mature, we are honored to serve you! As we minister to families in the Clay City area, our dream is to effectively help meet your spiritual needs.


Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or if I can serve you personally!



Bob Dickey

Pastor ~ John 15:13

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